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Grip vol. 1

by Lale Westvind
There is a kind of control - of the hands - a type of touch - that is skillful and sure, a graceful and practiced ability, to manipulate... anything...GRIP; After a strange incident a young woman's hands are never still. A hand-heavy homage to women in the trades and people using their hands, Grip is an odyssey transmitted in twisting sign language.

The Collected Grip is now available here.

Sold out.

6.5 x 8" book
68 pages, perfect bound
Federal Blue, Fluorescent Red, and Yellow ink
3-color screen printed covers
Mohawk Via Felt 100#C Cream & Vellum 100#T
April 2018
Edition of 600
PARP 020

also from Fall/Winter 17-18 ...

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